14 Kommentare zu “Noch eine im Flug

  1. Hallo Alois,
    ja die Herbst-Mosaikjungfern lassen sich oftmals gut im Flug festhalten, wenn man seine Kamera versteht. Dein Foto ist super schön und gut.
    Ich wünsche dir noch viele solch tolle Motive vor der Kamera.
    LG und einen schönen Sonntag wünscht dir


  2. Impressive that you can catch these insects in flight!
    I’m sorry I haven’t been around here for a while:
    I’m in the middle of a process of selling house – and buying a flat – and I’m SO busy with all the things that must be done when you have lived somewhere for many years and you suddenly have to pack, clean up, throw out and move. And at the same time putting the new housing in order and prepare for arranging this. So I did not drop by your blog for a long time – but I soon hope I will have time to follow you more again!


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